Marine Corps Aviation Awards

Marine Corps Aviation Awards

The Marine Corps Aviation Awards are presented annually to individuals and units that represent the best in Marine aviation during the awarding period.

Procedures for Award Submissions:

1. Determine criteria for each award by referring to MCO 1650.29H (link on right hand side of page).

2. Review and comply with Submission Instructions found in MARADMIN 549/20

3. Forward the award submission, with all enclosures, via the endorsing chain to the Deputy Commandant for Aviation (ASM) in accordance with the Submission Guidance found in MARADMIN 549/20 and the SharePoint site located at

  • Marine Aviator of the Year Alfred A. Cunningham Award 

  • Marine Naval Flight Officer of the Year Robert Guy Robinson Award 

  • Marine Aviation Ground Officer of the Year Earl Hattaway Award 

  • Marine Aviation Command and Control Officer of the Year Robert F. Gibson Award

  • Marine Aviator with the Earliest Designation Date Silver Hawk Award

  • Marine Flight Student of the Year Frank E. Petersen Award 

  • Marine Enlisted Aircrew of the Year Danny L. Radish Award

  • Aviation Maintenance Marine of the Year Willie D. Sproule Award 

  • Aviation Supply Marine of the Year Kenneth W. Southcomb Award 

  • Avionics Marine of the Year Paul G. Vess Award 

  • Aviation Ordnance Marine of the Year Gaines B. Gilbert Award 

  • Aviation Command and Control Marine of the Year Kenneth A. Innis Award 

  • Aviation Ground Marine of the Year Jack W. Demmond Award 

  • Noncommissioned Officer Leadership Award James. E. Nicholson Award 

  • Exceptional Achievement  James Maguire Award 

  • Acquisition Excellence in Marine Aviation Michael A. Hough Acquisition Award

  • Superior Performance in Marine Aviation Commandant Aviation Trophy

  • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron of the Year Robert M. Hanson Award 

  • Marine Attack Squadron of the Year Lawson H.M. Sanderson Award 

  • Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron of the Year Henry Wildfang Award 

  • Marine Tiltrotor Squadron of the Year Fred McCorkle Award 

  • Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron of the Year Keith B. McCutcheon Award   

  • Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron of the Year John P. Giguere Award 

  • Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron of the Year John I. Hudson Award 

  • Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron of the Year Donald E. Davis Award 

  • Marine Wing Support Squadron of the Year James E. Hatch Award 

  • Marine Air Command and Control Unit of the Year Edward S. Fris Award 

  • Superior Performance in Marine Aviation Safety  Pete Ross Award

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