Duty Involving Flight Denied Waivers

703-693-9864 (DSN 223)

MCO 3710.8 and the CNAF M-3710.7 are the governing documents with regard to Duty Involving Flight DENied (DIFDEN) Waivers. Please ensure you read the pertinent sections before submitting for a waiver. Feel free to call ASM-53 with any questions.

Of note: "DIFDEN waivers shall not exempt ADP from FRS refresh requirements as prescribed in reference (d). The DIFDEN waiver will only be granted to those ADP who are within the Tactical Unit Refresher Programs of Instruction (POI) criteria listed in the Aircrew Refresher Training Matrix (Figure 4-2) of CNAF M-3710.7.

Waivers are considered based on the operational requirement of the unit to which assigned as well as the operational requirement of the individual requesting the waiver.

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