OPNAV Integration Branch (OIB)


AWS–UAS is mindful of future threats through close collaboration with the Cunningham Group, ensuring unmanned aviation capabilities evolve to meet future threats and guarantee their relevancy to support the future force. AWS–UAS sustains and enhances MAGTF warfighting capabilities.  Marine unmanned aviation must thrive in forward, isolated, austere locations while fully integrating into the Naval Expeditionary and Joint Networks.  AWS-UAS ensures the MAGTF provides multi-sensor aerial, maritime and terrestrial looking early warning; provides identification, tracking, targeting and coordination for offensive air support and ground and ship based long range strike; as well as be inherently strike capable within the competition continuum against a peer adversary. To that end, AWS–UAS will provide life cycle management of the ACE’s unmanned aviation assets by supporting the development of essential capabilities, training, organization and sustainment in order to support distributed Marine, Naval, and Joint Forces in bringing firepower to bear against the adversary.

Marine Aviation