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Marine Aviation

Headquarters Marine Corps

Washington, DC
Aviation Logistics (ASL)
Supports Marine Aviation in conjunction with supporting commands/staff agencies by developing and coordinating: doctrine, policies, practices, procedures, management, training, personnel, and procurement for Aviation Ordnance, Aviation Supply,  Information Systems, Strategy & Plans,  Aviation Maintenance, Avionics,  Facilities Engineering and Current Readiness (NAE).  ASL also acts as Occupational Field Sponsor for the aforementioned areas.

- Occ-Field Sponsors MOS' 6502/6531/6541/6591
- Training and School Curriculum
- Aircraft Armament Equipment
- Explosive Ordnance Qualification
- Airborne Weapons Support Equipment
- Naval Ordnance Maintenance Mang. Program
- Conventional Ammunition Integrated Mgmt. Sys.

- Occ-Field Sponsors MOS' 66XX
- Aviation Rep to GCSS-MC
- Distance Learning-Job Aids
- H-1Y/Z TTF 
- War Reserve Material Requirements
- BP-28 Working Group(Consumable Funding)

Information System:
- Occ-Field Sponsor MOS 6694
- MCEN/Aviation Information Systems
- Interoperability, NTCSS/IT-21 Program
- C4 ITSG Aviation Functional Area Manager
- ITPRAS Aviation board member
- ALIS Administration Training

Strategy and Plans:
- AIRSpeed/E2E
- Navy Logistics Integration (NLI)
- MAGTF Logistics Integration (MLI)
- AVLOG Strategy
- Marinc Corps Aviation Prepostion Program

- Occ-Field Sponsors MOS' 6000/6002/6004/6046/
- 6049/6100/6200/7300
- Maintenance POC for: JSF Operational Group,
- AV-8B,EA-6B,CH-46,F/A-18,H-1,V-22,CH-53,
- JSF,KC-130,Naval Aviation Training System
- Advisory Group, NAMP Working Group, NAVAIR
- Motor Board, JATDI, A/F Management Board, TTF

- Occ-Field Sponsors MOS' 63XX/64xx
- Marine Aviation Logistics Support Programs &
- Plans, TAVB Program Coordinator
- Training and School Curriculum
- Automatic Test Equipment Programs 
- Weapons Systems Sensors Program
- Calibration Program, Mobile Facilities Program (MF)

- Advocate MILCON, O&M, and land-use
- Program Manager NEPA Compliance
- AO BRAC & long range planning
- Engineering Reviews and safety criteria

NAE/Current Readiness:

Points of Contact

Headquarters, Marine Corps
Department of Aviation 
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Rm 5E542
Washington, DC 20350
Office: (703) 614-1835
Fax: (703) 697-7343 DSN 224