Aviation Logistics


Supports Marine Aviation in conjunction with supporting commands/staff agencies by developing and coordinating: doctrine, policies, practices, procedures, management, training, personnel, and procurement for Aviation Ordnance, Aviation Supply,  Information Systems, Strategy & Plans,  Aviation Maintenance, Avionics,  Facilities Engineering and Current Readiness (NAE).  ASL also acts as Occupational Field Sponsor for the aforementioned areas.

Ordnance (ASL-30):


- Training and School Curriculum

- Aircraft Armament Systems (AAS)

- Explosive Ordnance Qualification/Certification

- Armament Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE)

- Airborne Weapons Integration

- Naval Ordnance Management Policy (NOMP)

- Ordnance Information System (OIS)

- Program Office Collaboration  

- Class V(A) representative for MPS and MCPP-N


Supply (ASL-31):


- Aviation Supply training and school curriculum planner

- COLT/PDL coordinator

- Retail Supply Chain Modernization coordinator

- Wholesale supply support liaison

- F-35 supply chain manager

- HMX-1, VMX-1, MAWTS-1 supply support

- War Reserve Material sponsor

- HQMC Sustainment Program Baseline lead

- MCO P4400.177_currency lead 

Information Systems:

- Aviation Information systems (AIS)
- Naval Tactical Command Support System (NTCSS)
- Autonomic Logistics Information system (ALIS)/ Operational Data Integrated Network (ODIN)
- AIS Liaison to Functional Area Managers 
- ITPRAS Aviation board member

Strategy and Plans (ASL-40):

- Navy Logistics Integration (NLI)
- MAGTF Logistics Integration (MLI)
- AVLOG Strategy
- Marine Corps Aviation Preposition Program

Maintenance Data Systems (ASL-33E):

-Training and School Curriculum
-Assistance Aviation Representative for Naval Aviation Analysis Consortium (NAAC)
-Aviation Representative for Sustainment Digital Integrity Working Group (DIWG)
-JSF Transition
-Configuration Management Tool (CMT)
-Maintenance Engineering Ground Station for Aviation (MEGA)
-NAMS IPT Member

Maintenance (ASL-33):

- HQMC Aviation IMA Detachment Liaison
- T/M/S support to the following platforms: AV-8B, F-35,F/A-18,H-1,V-22,CH-53,KC-130,RQ-21,MQ-9

- JSF Operational Group Maintenance Representative

- Transition Task Force Representatives

- Maintenance Capacity Model development and implementation

- Advanced Manufacturing Integration Representative

- Naval Aviation Training System
- Liaisons and Working Group support to NAVAIR and CNAF
- Maintenance Joint Technical Data Integration


Avionics (ASL-34):

- Management and oversight of training/curriculum development 
- TAVB Program Coordinator & Contracting Officer Representative
- Automatic Test Equipment
- ESC Avionics Component Improvement Plan, Common Avionics Advisory Group 
- Calibration Program, Mobile Facilities Program (MF) Planning
- Aircraft Survivability Equipment
- Key Management Infrastructure


- Aviation Facilities Liaison with DC I&L

- Plan for MILCON, O&M, and land-use

- Program Manager NEPA Compliance

- AO BRAC & Long range planning
- Engineering Reviews and safety criteria


Naval Aviation Enterprise:

- NAE USMC TMS Teams Air Board P2P

- Marine Aviation Executive Readiness Board

- CR USMC TMS Teams and Metrics Development


- Readiness Leadership Team

- NAE Future Readiness Team

- NAE Boots on Deck/Ground Coordination

- NAE Strategic Communications

- NAE Corrosion Metrics Review

- NAE Logistics Cost War Room

- NAE IRMT/Chief Financial Officer & Annual Report

- NAE and Current Readiness Action Items


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