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Marine Aviation


Marine Aviation

Headquarters Marine Corps

Washington, DC
Administration (AAB)
Provides administrative support to the Deputy Commandant for Aviation and Departmental Branches, to include Security, Orders, Travel, Fitness Reporting, Tasker Management, and Information Systems support.


Division Duties & Responsibilities:

- Process Morning Reports
- Process & track Correspondence
- Process & track Fitreps
- Process & track Awards
- Monitor MCATS 

- Access
- Visitors Request
- Badge Processing

- Supply orders and tracking
- Supply budget

- Maintain Aviation TAD budget
- Submit  and process vouchers

Headquarters, Marine Corps
Department of Aviation
Administration Branch
3000 Marine Corps Pentagon
Rm 5E518
Washington, DC 20350
Office: (703) 614-2356
Fax: (703) 693-2529